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AgriLife Research Maps Curl Mite Resistance Genes in TAM 112

May 14, 2014

The Texas A&M AgriLife Research wheat genetic program at Amarillo has mapped the resistance genes to the wheat curl mite in TAM 112. TAM 112, a wheat variety developed by AgriLife Research, has resistance to greenbug and has a moderate tolerance to wheat streak mosaic virus. Recently, plant pathologist Charlie Rush and master's degree student Smit Dhakal tested TAM 112 for resistance to the wheat curl mite in a series of greenhouse studies.

The researchers found two resistance genes to wheat curl mite in TAM 112. According to Dhakal, one is on a wheat-rye translocation used by the Texas A&M wheat breeding program for many years. An additional, newly discovered gene was found and is being studied further. He added that either one of these two genes slows the development of wheat curl mite population after infestation and reduces disease symptoms.

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