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Canada Shows Interest to Develop Pakistan's Agriculture Sector

January 29, 2014

Canadian High Commissioner to Islamabad Greg Giokas said that agricultural development could provide Pakistan food security, give jobs to the unemployed and provide a solid base for agricultural exports to the region. The Canadian envoy spoke at the 5th roundtable of the Pakistan Agricultural Coalition (PAC) at the Canadian High Commissioner official residence. It was attended by representatives of business and agriculture community, the international donors and UN officials. 

In addition, Giokas noted that Pakistan's economic success is crucial for regional peace, prosperity, and stability. By strengthening its agriculture sector, Pakistan will play a leadership role in trade and investment in the region. Hence Canada was keen to promote development of a comprehensive agriculture policy and private investment by forging cooperation with other stakeholders in the sector. 

Check out  or,%20Australia%20and%20United%20States%20showed%20interest%20to%20develop%20Pakistan%E2%80%99s%20agriculture%20sector.html for the original news.