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South Africa Launches a Bio-economy Strategy

January 29, 2014

South Africa has launched a new bio-economy strategy, which the government says will boost public access to food security, better health care, jobs, and environmental protection.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Derek Hanekom, launched the strategy on 14 January 2014 which is aimed at sustainable economic, social, and environmental development. The new policy promotes multi-sector partnerships and increased public awareness on the benefits of biotechnology - including the use of GM crops. The strategy will help South African farmers who are growing GM maize save money in dealing with pests and weeds, good yields and income from growing improved variety of maize.

"We are confident that the strategy we are launching today will address the full value chain, going beyond the mere generation of new technologies to ensuring that technology development is informed by the needs of the country and people, and that social and economic value is generated. If we look at the sustainable utilization of resources and encourage role players to work together to achieve common goals, we will be helping to close the innovation chasm," Mr. Hanekom said.

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