Biotech Updates

New Charity to Develop Under-Utilized Crops to Tackle Global Food Security

September 25, 2013

A new charity based at the Universities of Bath and Warwick will use expert knowledge of plants to develop crops for the future and tackle the global issue of food security. The charity, called Crop-Innovations, brings cutting-edge plant research to farmers to help increase the value of under-utilized crops. Using innovative research methods and techniques, Crop-Innovations will resolve problems related to plant seeds; problems that often occur in various aspects of the farming process, from germination to seed production and also in the use of seed as food.

Professor Rod Scott, Chair of the Board for Crop-Innovations and Head of the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at Bath, said "Our over-reliance on a few food crops limits our ability to respond to these emerging global challenges. Every year, millions of pounds are spent improving major crops, but we also need to invest in research promoting agricultural diversity."

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