Biotech Updates

BIO KOREA 2013 Conference

August 28, 2013

BIO KOREA 2013 will be held from September 9  to 11, 2013 at the Exhibition Center II, KINTEX in Il San City, South Korea. Activities will include a conference, exhibition, and business forum (Partnering & Business/Technology Presentation). The conference program includes 13 tracks and 9 sessions with approximately 3,500 speakers, chairs and panels from South Korea and overseas from Bio industry, research institutes, and academia. Up for discussion are topics including vaccines, clinical trials, regenerative medicine, bio energy, GMO, functional food, technology transfer and licensing to firmly secure the global competitiveness.

A GMO conference will be organized by the National Center for GM Crops (NCGC) of the Next-Generation BioGreen 21 Program in RDA, South Korea under the sub-title "Current Status of GM Crop Development in Korea". This session will provide global and local cases to evaluate biotech crops as a mean to resolve instability of food supply from climate change in terms of benefits and/or limits.

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