Biotech Updates

GIS to Support Germplasm Collection for CIP Genebank

August 28, 2013

The International Potato Center (CIP) will use the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool to support the collection of germplasm for the center's genebank and to allow researchers to explore potential locations for growing and finding new strains of tubers.

GIS will help provide CIP's genebank and its genetic resources department with a gap analysis of potato, sweetpotato, and other Andean roots and tubers (ARTs). A gap analysis is a term used to measure and identify gaps in the conservation of biodiversity by comparing projections against the evolution of collected materials over time in a large area. The tool will also map areas to show the visible effects of climate change on potato production. Geographic information collected by GIS is relevant to a wide range of different CIP projects that study the effects of climate change on potato production.

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