Biotech Updates

Stakeholders Push for GM Science Communication

August 28, 2013

A Workshop on Practice of GM Science Communication hosted by the Chinese Society of Biotechnology and Platform of Science Communication for Agricultural Biotechnology (PSCAB) and sponsored by ISAAA China Biotech Information Center (ChinaBIC) was held in Beijing on August  25, 2013. Stakeholders such as academicians, scientists, journalists, educators, and science communicators participated the event to discuss how to make GM science communication more effective under the era of new media.

Science writer Dr. Fang Zhouzi introduced strategies on how to write popular science articles. He suggested that the perspective when discussing the safety of GM food must be clear-cut . Prof. Zhang Hongxiang, Coordinator of ChinaBIC, gave an overview of the roles of S&T societies in public education. He said that  dissemination of knowledge should focus on the science spirit, cultivation of science thinking, and awareness of the value of science research. Dr. Huang Dafang, Director of ChinaBIC called on scientists, journalists, educators and science communicators to form a joint force to promote GM public education. 

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