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Vietnam Approved Circular to Grant Biosafety Certificate for GMO

June 26, 2013

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) has issued Circular No. 08/2013/TT-BTNMT that governs the issuance of Biosafety Certificates of GMOs. The Circular covers the procedures to apply and grant biosafety certificates, roles and responsibilities of the applicants and related organizations. The Circular will be implemented by the Biosafety Council which will evaluate the application and the results of risk assessment for 180 days; the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment will grant biosafety certificates 30 days after receiving evaluation results; and the Vietnam Environment Agency (VEA) will be responsible to verify information related to biosafety of GM crops.

The Biosafety Council set up by MoNRE has at least nine members representing the ministries related to the management of biosafety to GMO as well as scientific experts. A standing agency for assessment under the VEA, performs administrative tasks in accordance with the organization's regulation as well as organize meetings of the Council. A specialist group set by the Director General of VEA, composed of at least 3 members is responsible for the technical assessment and evaluation of the dossier for biosafety certificate application.

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