Biotech Updates

DNA Demo and Biotech Lecture to Students in Bangladesh

January 30, 2013

Bangladesh Biotechnology Information Centre (BdBIC) in collaboration with Biotechnology Department of Bangladesh Agricultural University conducted a day-long program on DNA demonstration and Biotech lecture for college students on December 31, 2012. The program was attended by 50 students who were given lectures on recombinant DNA technology and various aspects of biotechnology. They were given updated information on the current global and country status on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the field trial results of Bt Brinjal, blight resistant potato, and Golden Rice in Bangladesh.

The students also visited the biotech laboratories and were oriented with various molecular biology equipment and their function. Laboratory demonstrations that were conducted such as DNA isolation from rice and potato which were visualized upon electrophoresis on a gel documentation system motivated the students for more queries and discussion.

For details of this event, contact Prof. Dr. K. M. Nasiruddin of BdBIC at