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Lactoferrin-expressing Tobacco Show Improved Phytopathogen Resistance

January 30, 2013

Lactoferrin B (Lfc) is a glycoprotein with several biological function, such as broad spectrum antimicrobial activities. It is derived from hydrolysis of bovine lactoferrin. Shiro Fukuta and colleagues at Aichi Agricultural Research Center in Japan developed transgenic tobacco plants with Lfc gene fused with the signal peptide of tobacco pathogen-related protein through Agrobacterium-mediated transformation and analyzed its resistance to phytopathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci and the fungi Botrytis cinerea.

After 30 and 28 days of exposure to the bacteria and fungi, the transgenic plants showed no signs of infection or alteration in growth. On the other hand, the control plants were infected from roots to tips and later on resulted to death. Therefore, overexpression of Lfc gene confers enhanced resistance to both bacterial and fungal diseases.

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