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Agriculture Summit for Africa

January 16, 2013

German agriculture company, AGCO, will organize a 2013 food conference in Berlin to address issues that could accelerate food production in Africa on 21 January 2013. According to Mr. Martin Richenhagen, the AGCO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, this platform for international dialogue on the future of agriculture in the continent and global food supply intends to draw resources that would address international issues.

With a burgeoning population of seven billion people and a projection of more than 8.9 billion by 2050, Africa's food security challenge has become increasingly daunting.On the other hand, developed nations have to evolve innovations and investments to boost agricultural output, in order to feed its swelling population with a changing diet pattern. The Berlin summit intends to discuss the promise of a new agricultural revolution that Africa, presumably holds.

AGCO's chief executive believes this should be done in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible way, while urging the conversation to be moved forward, together. According to Richenhagen, "a lack of infrastructure, mechanization and technology across the continent calls for market-based cooperation between farmers, private industry, government and society to establish a new blueprint."

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