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Grain and Forage Composition of Stacked Trait Corn Equivalent with Conventional Corn

January 16, 2013

Scientist Denise Lundry and colleagues at Monsanto Company conducted a compositional analysis for a stacked trait corn (MON 89034 × TC1507 × MON 88017 × DAS-59122-7) expressing eight proteins for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance. The objective of the study was to evaluate the nutrient, anti-nutrient, and secondary metabolite levels in the grain and forage tissues of the stacked trait corn in comparison with conventional corn.

No significant differences were found between the stacked trait corn and the conventional corn in terms of eight components in forage and 56 components in the grain. Six other components of the stacked trait corn grain was found to be different from the conventional but the deviation was due to the natural variability of the components. Based on the findings, the stacked corn trait was compositionally equivalent to conventional corn.

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