Biotech Updates

Pawar: India Shouldn't Stop Biotech Crop Field Trials

January 16, 2013

India's Agricultural Minister Sharad Pawar dismissed the Parliamentary panel's suggestion to stop the field trials of biotech crops in the country. Pawar said that the government should not ban such kind of agricultural research because of its importance in ensuring food security. He also added that research on biotech crops should be allowed to continue in India due to its large population. However, he also reminded that precaution should be implemented during the study to make sure that the crops will not affect the environment, other crops, or animal and human health.

At present, the government is allowing commercial planting of Bt cotton, while a moratorium on Bt brinjal has been implemented. The government has also released approval to conduct field trials of cotton and corn in Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat.