Biotech Updates

Purdue Extension Publication Offers Facts About New Herbicide-Tolerant Crops

November 21, 2012

A new online publication by Purdue University plant and weed experts on 2,4-D- and Dicamba-tolerant Crops – Some Facts to Consider is out and is hoped to serve as an unbiased, research-based fact sheet. The publication covers topics such as background on weed management and current problems, new weed management approaches, developments in herbicide-resistant crops, logic for this technology, concerns about off-site movement, factors affecting off-site movement, and methods of minimizing off-site movement.

"This publication shares the perspective of some Purdue University scientists on the subject of managing weeds in crops, explains why 2,4-D- and dicamba-tolerant crops were developed and why they are needed by some crop producers, and discusses some of the concerns surrounding the short- and long-term effects of this technology," said Bill Johson, one of the co-authors of the publication.

Details of the publication can be viewed at