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Scientists Crack Pear's Genome

November 21, 2012

Scientists from Nanjing Agricultural University, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), and other institutions reported in Genome Research journal, the completion of the first genomic sequence of pear. The pear genome will help scientists produce better pear varieties. Comparative genomics and evolution studies using the pear's genome led to the discovery that pear, apple, and strawberry shared an ancient whole-genome duplication event that occurred 140 million years ago. It is expected that more discoveries on the pear's genetic evolution will be known now that the genome is completely sequenced.

The scientists used BAC-by-BAC strategy and advanced sequencing techniques to crack pear's genome. According to Zhiwen Wang of BGI, thte BAC-by-BAC strategy is fit for genomes with high heterozygosity.

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