Greenwood: Biotech for U.S. Economy "Built to Last"

President Barrack Obama of the United States delivered his third State of the Union address on January 24, 2012. Obama challenged his fellow countrymen to see the future where they are in control of their own energy and to have an economy that is "built to last". In response, Jim Greenwood, president and CEO of Biotechnology Industry Organization, said through a statement that biotechnology can meet the challenge of the president to create such economy. He mentioned that the biotech industry continues to provide high-wage and high-value jobs and at the same time drives U.S. leadership in competitiveness and innovation. But more importantly, he stressed that biotechnology offers very significant scientific breakthroughs in disease treatment, alternative energy sources, hunger alleviation, and protection against bio-terrorism.

"Realizing the promise of biotechnology requires a comprehensive national strategy that fine-tunes some policies and overhauls others. The biotechnology sector continues to stand ready to work with President Obama, his Administration and the Congress to help create jobs and drive economic growth," said Greenwood.

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