"Energy-smart" Agriculture Needed to Escape Fossil Fuel Trap 
FAO Report on Scarcity and Degradation of Land and Water as Threat to Food Security 

Ghana Hosts 1st Pan-Africa Biotechnology Stewardship Conference 
Uganda Banana Focus of $7M Grant from USAID 

E. Coli Engineered to Eat Switchgrass and Produce Fuels 
Purdue Scientist Investigates Role of Steroids in Plant Height and Sex Determination 
Herbicide May Affect Plants Thought to be Resistant 
Economic Impact After 15 Years of GM Crops in Argentina 
Walnut Trees May Not Be Able to Withstand Climate Change 

Asia and the Pacific
Australian Growers Urged to be Vigilant as Brome Grass Found to Be Resistant to Glyphosate 
BiotechToons: Editorial Cartoons on Biotech Benefits and Potentials 
Scientists Collaborate to Battle Brown Planthopper in Asia 
"Biotechnology into Campus" in Beijing 
New Assay for Screening GMOs 
Notification of GM Canola License 
Philippines Steps up to Development Challenges through Genomics 
APEC Technology Transfer and Advanced Agricultural Tech Conference 
Biomass to Boost Malaysian Economy 

Plant Sciences Federation to Tackle Global Challenges 
Parasitoids Larvae in Caterpillars Affect Behavior of Moths 
France's Ban on GM Crops Illegal, says Higher Courts 
Horizon 2020 on Biotechnology's Role in Meeting Europe's ‘Grand Challenges' 

Effects of Feeds with GM Maize on Weanling Pigs 
Scientists Evaluate Effects of Bt Toxin on Worker Honeybees 
Development and Validation of L allele-specific Markers in Capsicum 

Horizon 2020 on Biotechnology's Role in Meeting Europe's ‘Grand Challenges'

Biotechnology is considered by the European Commission's Horizon 2020- European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation as one of the six enabling technologies that can boost European economy. The Programme will focus on EU's grand challenges that include sustainable agriculture, food security, resource efficiency of the bio-economy, health and well-being for an aging population.

As biotechnology is seen as an important tool in tackling these challenges, several issues were discussed including research and innovation funding for biotech research, public-private partnerships and a coherent and workable regulatory framework that ensures that the ideas and products invented in Europe are put in the European market. The biotechnology industry represented by EuropaBio strongly supports the EU commission's focus on biotechnology and the proposed budget.

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