Crop Biotech Update

USDA Seeks Public Comment on Draft Environmental Impact Statement for RR Sugar Beets

October 14, 2011

A draft environmental impact statement (EIS) on genetically engineered (GE) herbicide resistant (Round up Ready) sugar beet has been developed by the USDA APHIS. GE sugar beet event H7-1 has been deregulated by APHIS in 2005. However, the US District Court for the Northern District of California ordered that APHIS should have prepared an EIS before issuing a nonregulated status for the event.

Developers Monsanto and KWS SAAT AG submitted in July 2010 a request to amend the petition requesting partial deregulation of RR sugar beets to authorize continued cultivation subject to important measures and conditions. Hence, APHIS prepared this EIS and will seek public comments for a period of 60 days. Public meetings to obtain feedback will also be held in three locations. The draft EIS is available on the APHIS website at Notice of this draft EIS will be published in this week's Federal Register.

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