Crop Biotech Update

VipCot Cotton Trait Stack Received US Regulatory Approval for Release

October 14, 2011

The US Department of Agriculture approved two cotton events COT67B and COT102 for commercial release in the United States. The two cotton events were developed by Syngenta North America to contain the VipCot™. The VipCot trait stack combines the Cry1Ab protein and the novel Vip3A protein, which is similar to the protein found in Syngenta's Agrisure Viptera™ corn trait and is a totally new mode of action in both cotton and corn.

"Providing multiple modes of insect resistance to growers will help prevent the development of resistant insects, as well as offer growers an opportunity to protect all of their cotton acres from most caterpillar pests," said David Morgan, Syngenta North America Region Director. "Our licensing agreements reaffirm the innovation of Vip3A, the market's first non-Cry insect control protein, as a breakthrough tool providing broad spectrum control of lepidopteran pests while creating new options for insect resistance management."

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