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Sense About Science Launches Ask for Evidence Campaign

October 14, 2011

Every day people are bombarded with scientific and medical claims: on advertising material, product websites, advice columns, campaign statements, celebrity health fads and policy announcements. But how do we know which of these are based on evidence? Even where there is some regulation, in advertising or trading standards, claims that are not based on good evidence keep reappearing.

Sense About Science has launched a national campaign to change this. Ask for Evidence aims to get everybody asking advertisers, companies, government bodies and other organizations to set out the evidence they have for the claims they make. If more of us – consumers, patients and voters - ask for the evidence, those making claims will expect to be held to account. To make this a success the campaign needs to reach as many people as possible. Ask for Evidence is supported by leading scientists, entertainers and community leaders, and many scientific and civic groups.

A charitable trust, Sense about Science "equips people to make sense of evidence on issues that matter to society."

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