Crop Biotech Update

Cotton Researchers Get CSIRO's Top Award

October 14, 2011

A team of scientists at the CSIRO Plant Industry's Cotton Breeding and Biotechnology has developed a more environmentally friendly, disease resistant, and high yielding cotton variety namely Sicot 71BRF. The team has received CSIRO's highest award for excellence-the Chairman's Medal for Research Achievement.

"In providing a highly desirable package of advantages over other cotton varieties, the team has delivered significant economic, social and environmental benefits to growers throughout Australia," CSIRO chairman Simon McKeon said.

With just two years after its commercialization Sicot 71BRF now constitutes 80 percent of Australia's total annual cotton crop. Through this new variety, there have been more yields of cotton but the amount of water used remains the same. It is also resistant to Helicoverpa pests, thus reducing the use of insecticides.

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