Urban Agriculture Is Also A Global Concern 
Agrisure Viptera Trait Stacks Approved in Mexico and the Philippines 

Tanzania to Grow Bt Cotton to Triple the Yield 

Geneticists Call for New Techniques to Advance Wheat Production 
Rice Scientists Meet in Little Rock to Combat Destructive Rice Blast Disease 
Celeres Report on Biotechnology in Brazil 
New Genetic Tool Helps Improve Rice 
GMO Testing Key to Food Ingredient Labeling and Seed Quality 
Monsanto's Dekalb Corn Shows High Yield Advantage 

Asia and the Pacific
India to Enact Biotechnology Regulatory Authority 
India Sets up National Innovation Council 
Malaysian Delegation on Biotech Study Tour to U.S. 
Cost-Effectiveness of "Golden Mustard" for Treating Vitamin A Deficiency in India 
New Biosafety Commission of GEP Established in Indonesia 
ASEAN Steps Up Biodiversity Preservation 
Geneticists Reap Improved NZ Apples 

John Innes Center Scientist Receives Research Medal 
Experimental GM Field Trial Uprooted in France 

Effect of Drought Stress on Sucrose Accumulation in Sugar Beet Studied 
Arabidopsis HEMERA Promotes Light-mediated Development by Phytochromes 
Potato and Tobacco Genes Fend Off Cotton Pests 

World Cotton Research Conference (WCRC-5) 
ICRISAT Offers Training on Sweet Sorghum Enterprise 
Barwale Foundation Annual Day Lecture 

Document Reminders
New Zealand Biotechnology GAIN Report 
GAIN Report on Russian Federation Biotechnology 

World Cotton Research Conference (WCRC-5)

The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) is organizing the World Cotton Research Conference - 5 (WCRC-5) that will be held from November 7-11, 2011 in Mumbai, India. The theme of the conference is "Technologies for Prosperity". The Indian Society for Cotton Improvement (ISCI) will host the conference. All papers and posters will be peer-reviewed and selected on criteria meant to advance international understanding of production research, ginning, economics and textile research issues. The conference will focus on achieving an international dialogue with regard to cotton research and development.

For more details of the conference visit and


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