Agriculture and Forestry Groups Release Joint Statement of Negotiators at Copenhagen 
Efforts to Reduce Hunger Still Slow, Says IFPRI Report 

Agricultural Technocrats Call for Nationwide Biotech Awareness 
Africa Needs to Reduce Agricultural Barriers, Says Report 
Francophone West Africa Biotech Report 

Brazil Clears New Herbicide-Tolerant GM Soybean 
CIP Publishes Online Database for Potato and Sweetpotato 
Brazilian Farmers Plant More GM than Conventional Crops 
USDA Seeks Comment on Environmental Impact Statement for GM Alfalfa 

Asia and the Pacific
Rasi Seeds Launches 'HyVeg' Brand Vegetable Seed in India 
Drought Tolerance Gene Granted Chinese Patent 
Vietnamese Policy Makers Endorse Biotechnology 
Philippines Upgrades GMO and Pathogen Detection Laboratory 
Syngenta Signs Pact to Develop Sugarcanes with Increased Sugar Content 
BASF Signs Plant Biotech Agreement with South Korean Company, University 

Turkey Lifts Import Ban on GMOs 
Ukraine Officially Accepts the First Application for State Registration of GMO 
Report on Bee Mortality and Bee Surveillance in Europe 
Bulgaria Parliament to Ease Laws on GM Crop Cultivation 
EFSA Releases Scientific Opinion on Monsanto's GM Oilseed Rape 

Newly Discovered Enzymes could be Targeted to Make Water-Wise Crops 
Antagonistic Genes Control Rice Growth 

Plant Breeding for Drought Tolerance 
Practical Course on 'Genomic Approaches to Evolution and Development' 
97th Indian Science Congress 
Call for Biopharming Platforms and R&D Proposals in South Africa 

CIP Publishes Online Database for Potato and Sweetpotato

A new online database for potato and sweetpotato has just been published by the International Potato Center (CIP). The database, among the first of its kind to apply a scheme originally used for housing genomics data to a genebank collection, is searchable for more than 90 attributes related to the germplasm held in Center's extensive collections. It contains passport data, such as the origin and availability of germplasm, characterization data, molecular marker data (SSR), and the entire list of worldwide distributions of CIP held germplasm.

"It is the holy grail of the genebank and breeding information managers' community – having a data search facility for different kinds of data," says Reinhard Simon, head of CIP's Research Informatics Unit.

The database will be updated as new released data and is available at: For more information, visit


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