3rd International Workshop for Regulation of Animal Biotechnology

June 26-30, 2017 - Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

International Organizing Committee: Eric Hallerman (Virginia Tech, USA), Diane Wray-Cahen (USDA), Yanina Petracca (Argentine Ministry of Agroindustry), Hellen Mbaya Kajuju (Kenyan National Biosafety Authority), Bruce Whitelaw (Roslin Institute, UK), Mark Walton (Yorktown Technologies, USA), Bill Hallman (Rutgers University, USA), S.R. Rao (Indian Ministry of Science & Technology)

  • Livestock biotech in inclusive agricultural transformation – Donald Nkrumah, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Opportunities and Challenges; strategies for dissemination of GM animals
  • Developing biosafety regulations in developing countries: Experiences from Africa – Margaret Karembu, ISAAA
  • Concurrent Sessions
    • A. Regional Regulatory Breakout groups: Focus on regional animal biotechnology oversight issues. (Africa, Latin America, Asia, US/Canada/NZ/Australia/EU)
      • Potential topics of discussion and debate (regional topics developed by each group leader):
        • Special features of animal biotechnology, which could benefit region
        • Capacity and capability of countries in region to develop animal biotech products
        • Challenges and prospects for developing biotech animals in region
        • Training opportunities available for animal scientists/regulators
        • Identifying capacity and challenges of developing new regulatory framework
        • Creating regional public awareness and best communicate about biotechnology
        • Barriers to trade and effects on uptake of biotechnology in region
        • Potential follow-up activities that would be beneficial within region.
      • Industry/Developers Breakout group: Developer Best Practices - Market Communication
        • Livestock value chain perspectives
        • Developer case Studies
          • Glo-ing the distance in animal biotechnology – Alan Blake, Yorktown Technologies
          • Theory of Change – Nick Manson, Change Through Partnership UK
        • Best Practices Roundtable  – Panelists and discussion leaders: Jamie Jonkers, National Milk Producers; Courtney Knupp, National Pork Producers Council; Jay
        • Weiker, National Association of Animal Breeders; Alan Blake, Yorktown Technologies; Nick Manson, Change Through Partnership UK
  • Biosafety communication experiences in Africa – Margaret Karembu, CGIAR, ISAAA
  • Principles of risk communication – Cara Cuite, Bill Hallman (Rutgers University), Robert Lull and Meghnaa Tallapragada (University of Pennsylvania)
  • “Hands-on” communication activities – Cara Cuite, Bill Hallman (Rutgers University), Robert Lull and Meghnaa Tallapragada (University of Pennsylvania), with subject matter experts Eric Hallerman (Virginia Tech), Jayne Raper (New York University), Max Scott (North Carolina State University), and Mark Tizard (CSIRO)