Crop Biotech Update

Witch Weed Resistant Seeds Introduced in Tanzania

August 10, 2012

A new set of maize seed varieties that can help destroy witch weeds were introduced in Tanzania by the seed company Tanseed. Witch weeds have been affecting the production of more than 1.7 tons of maize throughout Tanzania every year.

Isaka Mashauri, director of Tanseed, said that the company has been working hard in conducting research to come up with seeds that will suit the Tanzanian environment. He said that the problem of witch weeds has already affected more than 11 regions in the country particularly the production of maize but if farmers will use maize seeds developed by the company like Komesha kiduha (TAN 222-Imazapyr resistant), it will be able to destroy the weeds.

Tanseed produces different maize, sunflower, beans, sesame and paddy (rice) seeds that suits different soil types and diverse weather conditions and can grow in a very short period of time.

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