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Biotechnology Has Full Backing of Kenyan Government

May 18, 2012

The government of Kenya has once again affirmed its support for biotechnology. The proclamation of support was made by the CEO of Kenya National Council of Science and Technology, Prof. Shaukat Abdulrazak during the opening ceremony of the biotech theme day during Kenya's National Science and Technology Week held from 7-11 May, 2012.

"The Kenya Government fully supports biotech and has already put in place a biosafety legislation hence guaranteeing safety while at the same time ensuring Kenya uses biotech to solve its challenges" said Prof. Shaukat. "Does it mean that because of lack of correct communication Kenya will fail to benefit from biotech?" He inquired. "The Kenyan stakeholders need effectively educate the public on biotechnology so as to correct the misinformation in the country about the technology."

Prof. Shaukat also commended ISAAA AfriCenter for its continued efforts in creating biotechnology awareness through novel and entertaining strategies like the biotech quiz for university students and the biotech fashion show which took place during the day.

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