Biotech Updates

Texas AgriLife Study to Identify Wheat's Drought Tolerance Mechanisms

May 4, 2012

Texas AgriLife Research scientists led by geneticist Shuyu Liu are working on a study that will identify the key genetic regulators for wheat's drought tolerance mechanism. Liu's team will use a set of physiological and molecular tools to discover the mechanisms of drought adaptation and will focus on three widely planted wheat varieties in the US High Plains namely, TAM 111, TAM 112, and TAM 304.

The AgriLife scientists' observations and the physiological traits they have collected show that these three cultivars respond well to water stress. TAM 111 is good at both irrigated and dryland, TAM 112 is better in prolonged dry conditions, and TAM 304 performs well if irrigated. The wheat was planted in November last year and includes two drought-tolerant varieties and one drought-susceptible variety. The experiment is now at harvesting stage and Liu and his team has collected samples from different plant growth stages for laboratory analysis.

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