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Crop Biotech Update

DuPont Partners with Iowa State to Enhance Biofuel Production

September 28, 2007
Du-Pont, through its partner Pioneer Hi-Bred, is collaborating with Iowa State University (ISU) to develop a research program for the use of cellulosic materials for bioethanol production. The research areas will cover the production, processing and utilization of feedstock for biofuels and biomaterials. Du Pont pledged $1 million to the ISU New Century Farm to establish the facility for research in biomass, crop breeding, crop rotation needs and ways to efficiently store and process biomass materials; a teaching laboratory for future scientists and farmers; and an extension facility.
ISU President Gregory Geoffroy and Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences  Wendy Wintersteen welcomed this opportunity that will allow the university to develop a research facility to address the opportunities and challenges of producing biofuels and bioproducts from biomass. This is the first research effort in the United States that will focus on producing cellulosic ethanol on the farm.
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