Biotech Updates

Health Professionals Support Biotech Use in Food Products

April 27, 2012

A study conducted by the United Soybean Board (USB) showed that 61 percent of health care professionals in the United States see biotechnology as a way to increase food production. The study participants identified positive health and agriculture attributes of soybean, such as low saturated fat content in food products and reduced use of pesticides and herbicides in farming.

The 204 health care professionals who participated in the study are dietitians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants from across the country. Many of them view agricultural biotechnology positively if it enhances the nutritional benefits of food products. Seventy-seven percent of participants recognize the benefits of soybean oil, saying it is as healthy as canola oil. They said that they are likely to recommend use of soybean oil once they are aware of the benefits of biotech soybean.

For more information about the study, read the news release from the United Soybean Board available at