Biotech Updates

Effect of Biotech Corn Grain Diet on Boiler Performance and Carcass Yields

November 25, 2011

Grain produced from biotech corn with stacked traits of insect resistance and herbicide tolerance (507x59122xMON810xNK603) as evaluated by J. McNaughton and colleagues from AHPharma, Inc. in a 42-day feeding trial with broiler chickens. Broilers that fed on grain from unsprayed and sprayed with herbicide mixture performed as well as broilers that fed on nontransgenic near-isogenic control grain. No difference was also found in the organ, carcass, and parts yields of the broilers that fed on biotech corn and those that consumed non-GM grain.

All performance, organ and carcass measures from the control and GM group were within the range of values from broilers fed diets with non-GM commercially available hybrids. Thus, the grain with GM events was nutritionally equivalent to grain from non-GM near-isogenic corn.

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