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FSANZ Response to Study Linking Cry1Ab Protein in Blood to GM Foods

June 3, 2011

The Food Safety Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) responded to a study linking Cry1Ab protein in blood to GM foods. The study published by Aziz Aris and Samuel Leblanc entitled Maternal and fetal exposure to pesticides associated to genetically modified foods in Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada claimed that they detected the Cry1Ab protein in the blood of pregnant and non-pregnant Canadian women, and in umbilical cord blood of fetuses. 

FSANZ responded by highlighting the methodological and interpretative limitation of the paper that limits the relevance of the reported findings and conclusions about food safety. Technical limitations include insensitivity of the assay method used and unsubstantiated and invalid assumptions regarding the source of the Cry1Ab protein in the diets of test subjects.

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