Biotech Updates

BiotechCorp Grants BioNexus Status to GlycosBio

February 25, 2011

Glycos Biotechnologies, Inc. (GlycosBio), an international biochemical company, was granted the BioNexus Status from the Malaysian Government via Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp), the national agency set up by the Malaysian government for the development of biotechnology in Malaysia. GlycosBio is presently constructing an industrial biochemical plant and biotechnology research and development facility in Bio-XCell, a dedicated biotechnology park in Johor, Malaysia.

BioNexus Status is a recognition awarded by the Malaysian Government, through BiotechCorp, to qualified companies that participate in biotechnology activities. GlycosBio commercializes advanced biological processes that convert low-value feedstocks into high-value sustainable chemicals.

Email Suzanne Tormollen of GlycosBio at for additional information.