Biotech Updates

Australia's Joint Effort to Deliver ‘Healthier' Grains

December 23, 2010

Nutrition researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, the University of Adelaide, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Queensland will collaborate for the next three years to develop new ‘healthier' varieties of wheat, barley, and rice, which are known as the world's most extensively planted grains. One of the main objectives of their research is to boost the amount of beneficial compounds, such as beta glucans and arabinoxylans, which are key contributors to the soluble component of dietary fiber in the various grains.

"By bringing together scientists from CSIRO and leading Australian research institutions, the High Fiber Grains Cluster will produce more significant outcomes far more rapidly than if we each tackled these problems on our own," said Dr. Bruce Lee, Director of CSIRO's Food Futures Flagship. "This is world-leading and groundbreaking research in the area of grains and has impact on human health."