Biotech Updates

Workshop to Raise Awareness about Biotechnology in Hoa Binh Province

December 10, 2010

A workshop to raise awareness about biotechnology crops and products to provincial officials in agriculture was organized at AP PLAZA Hotel, Hoa Binh province last 6th December 2010. The workshop was co-organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Agbiotech Vietnam and the local provincial administrations.

The workshop attracted more than 90 participants from Hoabinh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hoa Binh Department of Science and Technology, various media agencies, University of North West – SonLa province, farmers associations, extension workers and centers. Provincial Lawyers' Association, and agriculture officials form 11 districts of the province.

The participants were updated on the developments in agri-biotechnology in the world and in Vietnam from Dr. Le Huy Ham, Director of Agriculture of Genetics Institute and Dr. Pham Van Toan of MARD. Mr. Le Tien, Director of Agbiotech Vietnam, discussed their activities in promoting biotechnology awareness  and guided the participants on how to access and update information. 

Hoa Binh is a potential region for growing corn in Vietnam. The workshop was an opportunity for the provincial districts in remote areas to access new technological achievements in agriculture and determine their interest  to adopt the technology. 

For information on the workshop and on biotechnology in Vietnam, email Hien Le of Agbiotech Viet at