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University of Western Australia Receives Donation for Genome Sequencing Equipment

December 10, 2010

The University of Western Australia received a philanthropic gift of nearly $1 million from Perth businessman Mr. Charles Morgan. This donation will be used to purchase a genome sequencing and genetic analysis equipment which will be available for use by scientists from any university or research organization, as well as to medical and scientific staff under the WA Department of Health.

According to Vice Chancellor Alan Robsoin, the sequencing equipment will allow effective sequencing of an entire genome – whether human, animal or plant - for relatively low costs and with faster results than before.

"However, the equipment is certainly not limited to medicine. It can be used in any field that considers DNA and gene expression. For example, in agriculture it has applications in plant and animal breeding; and in restoration ecology it can be used in understanding the genetic diversity of native species," Associate Professor Richard Allcock said.

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