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EFSA Releases Scientific Opinion on Monsanto's GM Oilseed Rape

December 18, 2009

The European Food and Safety Authority's scientific panel on genetically modified organism has released its opinion for the renewal of the authorization for continued marketing of food/feed materials produced from the genetically modified oilseed rape GT73. GT73, developed by Monsanto Co., expresses two genes encoding the CP4 EPSPS and GOX proteins that confer glyphosate tolerance and resistance, respectively.

The EU food watchdog has previously issued a scientific opinion related to the approval of herbicide-tolerant GM rape in 2004. It concluded that "the placing on the market of GT73 oilseed rape for processing and feed use is unlikely to have an adverse effect on human or animal health or, in the context of its proposed use, on the environment."

Considering information provided by Monsanto Co., Member States comments, as well as relevant information published in the scientific literature, the EFSA GMO Panel reiterates its previous conclusions that the GM oilseed rape is as safe as its conventional counterpart with respect to its potential effects on human and animal health or the environment, following its intended uses.

A summary of the scientific opinion is available at,0.pdf?ssbinary=true For the complete report, visit,0.pdf?ssbinary=true