Biotech Updates

New High Yielding Hybrid Sorghum Varieties

November 6, 2009

Three new hybrid sorghum varieties that can quadruple Mali's harvests of the country's staple food crop have just been released by local breeders. According to Dr. Bino Teme, director of the Rural Economic Institute (IER),  Fadda, Sigui Kumbe and Sewa hybrids can produce 3, 3.5 and 4 metric tonnes (MT) per hectare, respectively. In contrast, Sakoika, the local seed variety, produces up to 1.5 MT per hectare and only if grown with adequate farm inputs.

IER is set to train seed producers on the breeding techniques and conduct seed promotion activities among farmers. "We have to continue with the demonstrations because we have different kinds of farmers; some will adopt the hybrids immediately, while others employ await and see approach," Teme said.

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