Biotech Updates

New Turkish Regulation Blocks Import of GM Food and Feed

November 6, 2009

The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a biotech regulation last week that bans all imports of food and feed that might contain genetically-engineered material, pending approval by an as-yet non-existent committee. The new regulation goes into effect immediately and would also require all biotech products to be labeled. This regulation came without warning, said the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA-FAS). The FAS also noted that the approval system "does not appear to be based on standard international risk assessment procedures."

The total value of U.S. transgenic crop exports to Turkey, including cotton, corn soy and their derivatives, exceeded USD 1 billion in 2007, said FAS.

The USDA FAS GAIN report, which include an unofficial translation of the regulation, is available at The official text of the regulation is available (in Turkish only) at