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Traditional and Alternative Medicine: Research and Policy Perspective

June 26, 2009

A newly- released book on Traditional and Alternative Medicine Research and Policy is now available. It encompasses the importance of traditional medicine in our modern health systems and discusses the potential applications of phyto-chemicals to assist bio-molecular mechanisms and hence offer realistic and therapeutic possibilities. It includes review papers on production strategies, projection trends, regulatory status and IPR issues, and reports on the characterization and isolation of useful medicinal plant phyto-chemicals, clinical and bioactivity studies comprising antifungal, anticancer, antioxidant, enzyme inhibitory, hepato-protective and acetylcholinesterase assays. In addition, a series of comprehensive country reports provide an evaluation of the use of traditional health care systems and related research output in many developing countries. There are 58 papers in the book, under four sections, viz., Review Papers, Phytochemistry, Clinical and Bioactivity Studies, and Country Reports.

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