Biotech Updates

Keeping Biotech-Derived Foods Halal in Indonesia

June 13, 2008

During the seminar “The Role of Biotechnology for Human Welfare” LPPOM MUI (Lembaga Pengkajian Pangan Obat-Obatan dan Kosmetika Majelis Ulama Indonesia) Director Dr. Ir. Tridoko W. Murti stated that science and technology can be used to examine haram (unlawful) foods and may be used to detect haram ingredients present in both foods and beverages. LPPOM MUI is an institution commissioned for examining, studying, analyzing and determining whether food products and its derivative, drugs and cosmetics are safe to be consumed considering both health and Islamic aspects.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Minister of Agriculture, Anton Apriyantono, pointed out that the government is now serious in controlling and managing biotechnology-derived foods to remain halal and fit for consumption by Muslims in Indonesia. He added that the biotechnology products must be exempted from haram ingredients. This also applies for fermentation production processes.

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