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Banana 2008 Conference in Africa

May 9, 2008

The Banana 2008 conference with the theme  "Banana and plantain in Africa: Harnessing international partnerships to increase research impact" will take place at the Leisure Lodge Resort in Mombasa, Kenya on 5-9 October 2008. This is the first-ever Pan-African banana conference that links research to markets within the African context.  The event is organized and coordinated by International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in cooperation with Bioversity International, FARA, KARI and ISHS, and supported by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications, the National Agricultural Research Organization of Uganda and Du Roi. The conference will have three major themes: markets and trade, production, and innovation systems. The role of research and the importance of public-private sector partnerships will also be highlighted. Results of the conference will lead to the development of a 10-year strategy document that will shape and change the way bananas are produced and marketed in Africa, linking state of the art research to new markets and stimulating trade. In the long-term, the impact will be to change commercial banana production from a donor aid-supported system to one which is sustained by an invigorated private sector that actively seeks technological interventions. 

For details see press release at http://www.banana2008.comhttp// or visit the website at