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EU GMO Policies Affect Biotech Crop Release

May 9, 2008

Results of the debate by the EU Commission on the approval of three cultivation dossiers sparked uproars from EuropaBio and other farming entities. The three dossiers consisting of two insect resistant corn varieties and the starch potato Amflora which had been positively assessed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) two years ago are being denied access by the European farmers. In Europe where only one insect resistant Bt-maize has been approved since 1998, farmers and industries are now questioning the EU approval system. In the midst of 120 plus products for 23 crops available worldwide, EU is putting itself at risk in terms of global competitiveness.

 “Today’s debate at the EU Commission is yet another example of procrastination. The system is in place, and it should be allowed to function,” says Bernward Garthoff, Vice Chairman of EuropaBio – the EU association for bioindustries. Biotech crops are the technologies to help alleviate poverty and hunger in the developing countries as well as mitigate the effects of climate change.  It is unacceptable that Europe’s hesitation to apply its own regulatory approval process is affecting developing countries that would like to take up this technology.

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