Biotech Updates

EuropaBio's Statement on Commission’s Biofuels Target

April 18, 2008

The European Association for BioIndustries (EuropaBio), in a press release, expressed their support to the European Union initiatives to use biofuels “to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions”. According to Europabio, biofuels will not replace fossil fuels but are part of the solution to external dependency for energy. In response to the European Environment Agency (EEA) statement recommending that biofuel targets be dropped from the Renewable Energy Directive, EuropaBio stressed that EEA’s opinion is not based on any new scientific evidence. EEA raises concerns that clearing forests to gain agricultural land may be contradictory to sustainability issues.

According to the biotech industry, the calculations of green house gas emission savings made by the Commission show that various forms of biofuels offer an advantage in emission reduction compared to fossil fuels. Most of these biofuels meet the requirements provided under the European Commission’s proposal for sustainability criteria.

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