Biotech Updates

Origin Agritech Updates its GM Corn Pipeline

March 28, 2008

Origin Agritech Limited has updated its GM pipeline to set forth the next generation transgenic corn products in China. These include:

  • Phytase corn, expected to be the first for transgenic maize in China, is currently in its final approval (Phase 5) stage in the country. Phytase is currently being used as an additive necessary for animal development and growth. It also limits the amount of phosphorus in animal wastes. Addition of phytase to animal feed is mandatory in Europe, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Japan.
  • Glyphosate resistant maize is in the intermediate testing stage (second phase). To date, herbicide-tolerant crops represent the largest segment of the GM crop market worldwide.
  • Bt corn is also in its second phase, the same as with GM corn with stacked traits (Bt and glyphosate resistance).
  • Transgenic corn with nitrogen efficiency and drought tolerance traits are in the laboratory testing phase (Phase 1).

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