Biotech Updates

ISAAA Inc. Releases New Infographic Series

July 3, 2024

ISAAA Inc. tackles the role of biotech crops in food security, climate change mitigation, and sustainability with a new infographic series titled Future Crops. The first installment focuses on Rust-Resistant Soybean, a biotech solution being developed by 2Blades and partners to combat a major threat to Africa's growing soybean industry—Asian Soybean Rust (ASR).

This fast-spreading fungal disease, caused by Phakopsora pachyrhizi, can devastate crops, wiping out up to 90% of yields in just three weeks. Thus, it is considered as the biggest culprit behind soybean losses in Africa.

The new ISAAA infographic, Rust-Resistant Soybean, illustrates how experts are leveraging biotechnology to develop soybeans resistant to ASR, offering a crucial solution for African farmers.

Learn more about the fight against ASR and the potential of Rust-Resistant Soybean. Download the infographic for free from the ISAAA website.