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Grains Derived from GM Crops Show No Adverse Effects on Rat and Broiler Chicken Growth and Health

May 15, 2024

Research published in Food and Chemical Toxicology shows that feeding rat and broiler chickens with grains derived from genetically modified (GM) crops shows no adverse effects on their health and performance. The results of this study support the current literature suggesting the safe use of GM crops in feeding animals.

The 90-day rat feeding study was conducted in accordance with the test guidelines of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Moreover, phase diets across all treatments were formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of a typical broiler diet, following the guidelines from the National Research Council Nutrient Requirements of Poultry.

The findings of the study indicate that there were no diet-related effects on the rat's body weight, food consumption, or clinical observations on forelimb and hindlimb grip strength in DP915635 High or DP915635 Low groups. Additionally, there were no diet-related effects on hematology, coagulation, clinical or hormone chemistry, or urinalysis measures on either DP915635 High or DP915635 Low groups compared with the control group.

The study also found no significant differences in body weight and mortality between broilers fed with DP915635 maize grain and those fed with control maize grain. Furthermore, no significant differences were observed in organ or carcass yields or individual carcass parts yields. The study confirms that DP915635 maize grain is safe and nutritious, showing no diet-related effects on rat and broiler chicken growth performance, organ yields, carcass and parts yields, and pathology evaluations.

For more information, read the full article from Food and Chemical Toxicology.

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