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ISAAA Infographics Show Regulatory Landscape for Gene-Edited Crops in Africa, Asia, and Oceania

April 24, 2024

In the past decade, gene editing and other breakthroughs in molecular biology led to new techniques for easing genetic improvement. These techniques do not lead to different results from those that earlier techniques could obtain; they just allow scientists to reach the same results easily, faster, and with increased knowledge/control of the outcome.

These techniques are now being discussed globally and many have asked questions about the regulation of gene editing. Countries in Africa, Asia, and Oceania have established regulatory guidelines for new breeding innovations, while some have commercially available products in the market. These are summarized in ISAAA Brief 56, published in December 2021. An infographic showing the global regulatory landscape for gene-edited crops was released in January 2024. Two new infographics focused on Africa and Asia and Oceania, including updates on country guidelines and products developed using CRISPR and TALENs. Download the two infographics here.

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