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Ever After Foods to Produce Cultivated Meat Using Patented Platform

March 8, 2023

Ever After Foods bioreactor, a scalable platform for the cost-effective production of sustainable cultivated meat products. Photo Source: Ever After Foods

Israeli start-up Ever After Foods, previously known as Plurinuva has officially launched its patented bioreactor platform to produce cultivated meat. The company claims that its patented technology can transform the unit economics of cultivated meat by reducing expenses for facilities and increasing tissue production.

Instead of growing cells in large stir tank bioreactors, Ever After Foods uses a two-stage approach in smaller packed bed vessels, and is planning a pilot facility in Israel in 2024. First, cells grow on non-edible carriers, then they are detached using patented vibrations technology. They are later transferred to production bioreactors where they seed onto edible scaffolding and differentiate and mature into meaty tissue.

According to Ever After Foods CEO Eyal Rosenthal, Ever After's production plants will need significantly lower capital expenditures at lower production costs, providing a 700% increase in productivity compared to other cultivated meat technology platforms. "We can produce more than 10 kilos of cultivated meat mass with just a 35-liter production bioreactor. and have a proven path to scale and reach price parity...An Ever After 1,400-liter bioreactor can produce 400 kilos of cultivated meat, whereas using competing technologies, you'd need a 10,000+-liter bioreactor to produce an equivalent amount. We have a huge cost advantage,” he added.

For more details, read this article and visit Ever After Foods.

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