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Application Filed for Marketing of COVID-19 mRNA Booster Vaccine in Japan

February 8, 2023

An application was filed for marketing of DS-5670 mRNA vaccine to the Japanese regulatory authorities by its maker, Daiichi Sankyo. The vaccine was developed to help combat COVID-19 and is proposed to be used as a booster vaccine.

The application follows the successful completion of the 1/2/3 trial phase of the DS-5670, wherein 5,000 healthy adults and the elderly who received two doses of mRNA vaccine participated in. Daiichi Sankyo has also been in constant consultation with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency to discuss the available non-clinical, clinical, and quality data to help obtain marketing approval.

DS-5670 was developed by using a novel nucleic acid delivery technology designed to produce antibodies against the receptor binding domain of the spike protein of the novel corona virus. It is expected to provide protection against COVID-19. One of its special features is that it can be stored between 2-8 degrees Celsius without affecting the quality of the vaccine.

Further studies are also planned for the development of DS-5670 against Omicron and other possible new variants of the virus. This is part of the efforts to ensure that the country has a sufficient provision of vaccines in case of outbreaks and re-emergence of infectious diseases.

Read more about DS-5670 in the press release from Daiichi Sankyo.

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