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ISAAA Inc. Expands Coverage of Biotech Reporting

February 1, 2023

ISAAA Inc. regularly collects feedback from the Crop Biotech Update (CBU) readers to understand their current needs and preferences. In 2022, over 200 subscribers submitted their feedback and indicated high ratings in terms of usefulness (96%), clarity (96%), coverage (94%), and design (88%) of the e-newsletter.

"As a farmer, the CBU helps to keep me abreast of what kinds of technology might be out there to help address some of my most urgent issues," said one of the subscribers. Researchers and academics mentioned that the CBU had helped them in getting the latest updates on biotechnology. A biosafety regulator noted that the CBU provides supporting data for risk assessment.

The supplements covering genome editing and gene drive and the weekly blog Science Speaks were also regarded as valuable sources of information. When asked about topic coverage, a number of readers suggested including articles covering biotech applications for animal improvement, climate change mitigation, and healthcare.

For a more holistic coverage of biotech reporting, ISAAA Inc. has renamed its e-newsletter to Biotech Updates. Crop biotech applications remain the highlight of most news articles, but related topics will also be included. New sections of the newsletter will now feature biotech applications in Plant, Animal, Food & Feed, Health, and the Environment. As illustrated in the Biotech Updates logo, the e-newsletter will continue its mission to deliver a weekly summary of world developments in biotechnology relevant to sustainability and the improvement of human lives.

Send your research highlights to to be featured in the upcoming issues of Biotech Updates.

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